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About Majestics Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My daughter does not have any experience?

All beginner dancers need to attend the techniques class first or along side of their team class. We do have a placement audition and we will place your daughter in the class she will fit best into.Our studio classes are a great start to introduce you to our program if you are first year dancer.

      2. When do I start?

We require 10 dance hours in the summer for our beginner dancers and 15 hours for our Elite team dancers. Our technique classes are always open and will introduce all the skills we will need for our competitive program. We do open up our competition team classes in May after our showcase.  It is best to start in the beginner /intermediate class and have the teacher move you up to the next level.

    3. I am coming from another studio and I have had several years of dance- Where will I be placed?

It is best to haveour Dance Works Staff to evaluate you. All dance studios teach differently and have different placement requirements. Number of years does not always equal ability level. We have several options per team so that every dancers is placed according to her ability.

   4. I did a solo at my other studio and I have had several years of dance- Can I do one here my first year?

 We would love to see your solo. Our goal is to make you the best you can be. We will work with you on your transition from one team to another.

  5. We are not use to a large class size, how do work with all the girls?

We thrive on a large class! That is what we are use to. The girls love it and expect it. It brings more energy to the room.

All of our competition directors/teachers have over 40 years of experience and our teacher teach at conventions for dance companies so large classes

Our girls have held National Team titles and Solo Titles in every age division for over 20 years.


  6. Are summer classes mandatory?

YES,  Our team girls will have mandatory summer team hours. We offer alot during the summer to fit everyone's schedule. Our summer schedule is 6 weeks long and we also do private lessons. We have a class card to fit into every ones vacation plans. The conventions and camps that we go to are always optional and by invite only.

We do have one mandatory team camp where a portion of the competitive dances are taught. This way we can place your daughter in the proper dances for that season.

7. What if we are not sure we want to compete?

Try our technique classes for a year and attend one of the competitions. Come to our  summer New member team classes.